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To participate in a list-serve discussion of vulnerable mission issues by email click here (if this link does not work for you, write to PEARL To receive the monthly AVM bulletin, send an email to: For back copies of the Bulletin go to  For a video presentation of vulnerable mission click here A series of conferences are periodically arranged to further these aims. The rationale for the advocating of these policies is given in many papers collected especially at the following locations:

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In brief, vulnerable mission is a means of over-coming widespread problems in mission (and development activities) in the two-thirds world, such as the creation of unhealthy dependency, neo-colonialism, the prosperity gospel, mission as secularisation, corruption and chronic under-development. These issues are avoided because by confining themselves to the use of local languages and resources missionaries ensure that their activities are appropriately contextualised. The use of local languages in ministry combined with ‘missionary poverty’ (the two key principles of AVM) enforces humility and operation on a ‘level playing field’ with local people. Once these two conditions have been given as foundation, then ‘Vulnerable Mission’ can be extremely wide in its expression and can certainly include: provision of care for the sick, faith healing, theological and other education, church planting, literacy, water projects and so on.

AVM already has partners in many churches, missions and schools including WEA (World Evangelical Alliance), WCIU (William Carey International University), five stones global (, and many more. More partnerships and affiliations are sought. Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches, groups and individuals are welcomed.