Advisory Board

Dr. Jim Harries, Chairman

Jim Harries, PhD (theology), missionary, East Africa 1988 to date, Bible teaching to indigenous churches in African languages, reaching orphan children, hospital chaplaincy, prayer. Coptic Orthodox Church. Adjunct faculty, William Carey International University, California. Vulnerable mission empowers locals, enables intercultural community, facilitates missionary understanding, glorifies God. 

Timothy V. Reeves

Timothy V Reeves, member of the executive board, is also a member of Norwich Central Baptist Church one of Jim Harries’ supporting fellowships in England. When Tim saw Harries’ formula: Meaning = Text + Context, he knew he had to get involved; this was different.

Dr. Stan Nussbaum

Dr. Stan Nussbaum is the founder and innovator of, a non-profit that promotes “new ways to tell the old story.” A missiologist, author, and field research trainer with multi-continent experience, he believes that local adaptations of the biblical panorama story are a key to global mission. 

Frank Paul

Ute and Frank Paul have three children. We belong to OJC, an intentional interdenominational community in Germany – sharing life, daily work, resources (see: > english , > castellano). Our vision and mission embraces churches and society – but focuses on living and offering (mainly) to young people: friendship, a place of belonging, and a sense of direction in Jesus Christ. We believe that our strength as a fellowship lies in the dynamic combination of community living, intellectual and spiritual reflection, and social action.

For 18 years we were living in Argentina – collaborating a few years with Cathy and René Padilla and the Kairos foundation (friends and partners of our community) in the slum areas of Buenos Aires ( Afterwords we joined an international team of fraternal workers who are accompanying real independent indigenous churches in the Chaco area in northern Argentina. (See: Willis Horst, Ute & Frank Paul, Mission Without Conquest – Accompaniment of Autochthonous Communities, an Alternative Missionary Practice, Langham, 2015 (in spanish and english, Frank is also a board member of the AVM-Alliance for Vulnerable Mission ( ) trying to encourage others to lean on local strengths, resources and mother tongues.

Dr. Jay Gary

Dr. Chris Flanders

I am currently a professor of missions and intercultural studies at Abilene Christian University, in Abilene, Texas, USA. I was, for 11 years, a missionary/church planter in Thailand. Currently, I serve as assistant editor of Missio Dei Journal ( and also work on the executive leadership team of the Honor-Shame Network. The AVM is important to me because increasingly missionaries are failing to understand the important connection between deep culture learning/rigorous language learning and the ability to avoid dependencies and potential long-term effectiveness. The AVM remains a strong voice in keeping these critical issues ever before the global missionary community.

Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson, member of the advisory board, serves as an international consultant with World Mission Associates (, helping bring awareness and change to unhealthy dependency as a result of global mission efforts. Jean spent 16 years as a missionary in Cambodia.